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A professional concert and music festival consultant, Hal Davidson's more than 3 decades of event management, concert promotions and festival production experience will significantly benefit your concert or music festival!

  • Festival/ Concert Proposals
  • Festival/ Concert Cost Sheets
  • Sponsor Letters & Proposals
  • Music Festival Management
  • Festival Site Layout
  • Concert/ Festival Marketing & Web Design

Hal Davidson's music festival and concert consulting, managing entire multi-day, big format music festivals onsite, or consulting remotely on one segment of a smaller one-off indoor concert is invaluable. Hal sizes up your event and music festival needs in one brief music festival consultation.

With your knowledge of your intended performers, venue, budget, market conditions, Hal can determine the plausibility and forecast profitability for you. His concert and music festival manual is considered the best, most comprehensive promoter's help of our time, and his festival promoting and production experience goes back to before Ticketmaster even existed. Hal's festival knowledge is unique and unmatched in the industry. His experience is case hardened.

A music festival and concert promotions expert, he has taught hundreds of promoters hard learned lessons. Hal will instantly point out your biggest issues far in advance, allowing you time to act upon them. He will see things about your music festival or concert you can't, and like seeking lessons when starting a sport or any important career endeavor, attempting to promote a concert or music festival without a professional consultant is a mistake. Try it and you will see quickly that you need help. Concerts and music festivals are not a business you just want to figure out as you go.

At age 21, Hal promoted the biggest bluegrass music festival in American history, Stompin 76 in Galax, VA. This was after promoting many legendary concerts in Maryland in the mid 70's. As a former Ringling Bros. Circus & Ice Follies Promoter, Vegas stagehand and Casino Promotions Director, promoter and designer of many festivals and concerts, you can take advantage of his remarkable and intense marketing and operations capabilities in one person, not available anywhere even with an entire staff. Learn from his incredible experience. You don't want to pay dearly later for a lack of foresight now.

Hal Davidson is a legendary music festival producer consulting and providing specialized marketing, administration or production for an array of events from trade shows to major music festivals.

Past the initial free talk, the cost of this remarkable help is lower than you think. Based on the extent of the need, your budget and where the project is, the cost of not having quality, caring festival consulting can be devastating. Hal enjoys speaking to promoters about their dream projects.

Benefit from more than 3 decades of festival, concert and operations experience!
There are very few promoters with such diverse and extensive event marketing experience.

One trial visit to your location can tell you the feasibility and entire cost of your proposed event. That right festival in the right place and the right time of year, will provide you or your organization with an expanding annuity for the rest of your life. You will provide jobs, economic development and increased tourism to your area.

His relative low cost enables you to afford the advice of a festival hardened professional at a fraction of what a large company would charge, if there was one.

There's more to music festivals than you think.

The formulation and management of a music festival is extremely detailed and demands all of your time. Take some of the load off by relying on some professional help. Hal can streamline the effort by suggesting cost effective, proven systems and methods.

Hal can be on site and run your entire operation or handle segments you need help with. Some retain Hal just for on-demand phone call and email advice.

Festival Consulting to accommodate your unique needs:
Every event is unique. Every Promoter has a different skill set.

  • Festival Business Plans, Marketing Plans, Co-promotional Agreements or Sponsor Proposals Search for Festival sites, Layout & Set-up
  • Local legal research
  • Ticketing advice and Operations (there are now many alternatives)
  • On-site Operations from staffing to waste control
  • Vendor Villages, paperwork, pricing, marketing & operations
  • Phone or email Coaching
  • Management or Consulting in one area or on the entire project

Other Festival Consulting Considerations:

  • Concept and Feasibility Discussion
  • Due Diligence- County/ Permits Research
  • Fest Transportation Systems
  • Ticketing Operations Security/
  • Camping/ Parking Planning
  • Web site Design/ Merchandising/ Marketing or Construction
  • Vendor/ Concessions/ Beverage Distribution Operations

Detailed Task Menu:

MARKETING: Research, write and implement cost effective marketing plans; small or large. The price depends on the number of pages your size project requires.

ADVERTISING: Media buying and budgeting, ad layout, spot production: Radio, TV, Billboards, Print, Online ads, flyer/ poster design and buying.

PROMOTIONS: This is a great way to extend your ad budget by offering promotions to increase excitement about your event, integrated with your media buys. Coordination throughout your marketing campaign. Hiring, training and tracking of remote street teams. Co-promotional agreements.

PUBLIC RELATIONS: Writing and distributing press releases, e-releases. Coordinating press schedules and press events, media. Database management and direct mail design and contracting.

ONLINE: The most important part of a modern event marketing plan is the web site and driving traffic to it. The quality, presentation and logic behind your site will directly influence your ticket buyer. Compelling web design or re-design for greater marketing effectiveness, online marketing, web site merchandising, web site optimization (improves search engine ranking) and streamlining navigation are all important to making your web site the most important online festival destination in your region. E-mail blasts, banner ad purchasing, viral marketing, online communities, ereleases,.. it's all part of a winning online presence Hals' sites are designed to make people buy now.

MERCHANDISING/ CONCESSIONS: Concessions vendor village layout and design, formulating solicitation packets, Agreements, signage, vendor village management, group sales and how to get the most of your vendors while making it fair for them is part of Hal's toolbox..

ADMINISTRATION: Administration of small and large staffs, hiring and firing, interviewing and training. Contract negotiation and writing simple agreements, accounting (billing and budgeting). Training manual formulation, trainer. Logistics and coordination of special internal projects.

FESTIVAL SITE PRODUCTION: Site and stage area production and positioning.

To include: security criteria and budgeting, gate and fence construction or contracting, training, local government coordination, parking, waste control and recycling, camping, bus programs, road ingress and egress operations and road construction, box office, stage, sound & lights contracting, internal people-moving transportation systems.

Hal Davidson Career Highlights:

  • President - Cactus Productions, Inc., Las Vegas, '75
  • Stagehand - Local Union 720, Las Vegas, 70's
  • Promotions Manager - 4 Downtown Las Vegas Casinos
  • Promoter of many concerts, MD, late 70's
  • Promoter - Stompin 76 , VA (attendance over 150,000)
  • Regional Marketing Director ' Ringling Bros. & Barnum and Bailey Circus/ Ice Follies and Holiday On Ice, D.C., 70's
  • Director of Marketing Marvin's Sport City, MD, '80-84
  • Director of Marketing National Sports Warehouse, 80's
  • Marketing Director - Vacation Break USA, FL 1988-92
  • Marketing Director ' Safari Internet, FL 1997-99
  • Promoter - Stompin 79 & 99, WV
  • Show Manager- Super Pet Expo, MD, 06-'07
  • Designer of JamSouth, TN '07
  • Promoter - Unite Concerts, UniteFest, TN '08
  • Event Producer - Live At The Zoo Music Festival, South Australia, '09
  • Consultant - Sticks Country Music Festival, AL '09
  • Consultant - Rio Grande Scenic Railroad Concerts/ Fests, CO '09
  • Concert and Festival Consultant to many promoters worldwide.
  • Consultant- One Summer Music Festival, Australia ’12-‘13
  • Consultant- Under One Sky Music Festival, NJ ’12-‘13
  • Consultant - NW Arkansas Amphitheater, AR ‘13
  • Consultant - Miami Conciertos, FL ‘13
  • Consultant - Rock The South, AL ‘13
  • Consultant - Carver Theater Festival, LA ‘13
  • Consultant - Aimee Copeland Benefit Festival, GA ‘13
  • Consultant - Cyprus Super Yacht Festival, Cyprus ‘13
  • Producer - Rock Fiesta, TX ‘13
  • Return To Snake River, ID ‘14
  • Pinnacle Entertainment, AL '14
  • Select Entertainment, TX '14
  • Access Entertainment, AR '14
  • Razz Rhino Fest, Brazil '14
  • Hemp Gone Wild, CO '14
  • Foundation for Traditional Studies, VA '14
  • Electric Flurry, NY '14
  • Donni One Productions, Thailand '14
  • 24th Ward Back to School FEST, IL '14
  • Nashville Guitar Festival, TN '14
  • Kern Country, CA '14
  • Country Boom, WI '14
  • Guitar Fest & Music Gear Expo, Canada '14


  • Heart & Soul Music Fest, OH
  • Hope From Harrison, FL
  • Q Music Fest, AZ
  • Tropical de Salsa, FL


  • J2 LIVE Presents, CA
  • RockinHorseFest, TN
  • MADSOUL Fest, FL
  • Open Til Late Productions, AL
  • Spin Cycle Presents, CA
  • Crown Entertainment, GA
  • Susan Cohan Cancer Foundation, MD
  • RawckusFest, CA


  • Proposal writer, website designer Dixson Family, TN
  • Proposal writer J2 Presents, CA

Watch for more exciting music festivals.

Excellence is not costly, not having excellence is.

Book cover for How Not to Promote Concert and Music Festivals


Incl. 10 hrs.of phone and/ or email consulting. May be used as needed over 6 months providing professional input 7 days a week; contract review, web layout and ticket merchandising, SEO, internet promo, press release editing, venue advice, budgeting, help developing plans & proposals, implementation order advice and bouncing ideas off an experienced promoter in confidence.

BOOK/ Thumb Drive/ CONSULTING PKG. $500. Reg $69/hr ($769 VALUE) SAVE 35%


9am-7pm U.S. EST


4 decades of promoting experience compiled into one book!
The most comprehensive concert business manual of its kind.


By Promoter & Consultant Hal Davidson

A professional promoter releases a concise advice and operations HOW TO manual full of Step-By-Step instructions, procedures, inside tips, advice, forms, lists, web links, phone numbers, concert and music festival business plans, executive summaries, investor proposals, contracts, scripts, press releases, diagrams, itemized cost sheets, industry facts. . .

Read inside information on how to negotiate talent buys, media buys, contracting production, security, concert operations and important industry contact information. You'll reference concert and music festival business plans, vendor packet, sponsor letters, a complete concert promotion and production vocabulary, how to deal with and rent venues and far more.Use hard-to- find detailed event plans, concert cost/ budget sheets, contracts, talent and media forms, investor proposals, sponsor proposals and marketing plans. Hundreds of Industry explanations.

How to plan media schedules and advertising budgets. How to negotiate, buy and contract talent, radio, TV, newspapers, magazines, billboards, and web marketing techniques to max out your concert or music festival marketing campaign. See Concert and Festival Marketing plans with revenue projections! Inside advice steering you away from the typical mistakes and misjudgments made by new promoters.


Call or email for quality, experienced concert or music festival consulting.

240-848-0889 (7 days)

Skype: haldavidson1



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